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Dialect Pro is a community dedicated to building more useful websites. We believe websites should improve the lives of those who use them.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy or experienced to be a part of our movement. If you are interested in using the web to build a better future for yourself and the world, you are already one of us. Join us in our commitment to quality by continuing to learn how to communicate your ideas more effectively online, here at Dialect Pro.

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Web Independence (PDF)

First Steps to Web Independence is a short, but valuable PDF workbook that walks you through the first steps of preparing to build a highly useful website. Simply subscribe to the blog Semantics for your free copy!

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Catching Up (eBook)

Catching Up to the Internet is a complete digital book for small business owners to learn how the internet can work to their advantage. You can purchase it for Kindle on Amazon, or become a member at Dialect Pro for a free ePub copy.

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Dictionary Pro (Plugin)

Dictionary Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps you create a custom dictionary. This tool is great for small businesses and bloggers who publish lots of information about their industry. To get Dictionary Pro, become a Dialect Pro member.

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Semantics: Making sense of the web.

A place where anyone can learn how to run an effective website.

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Anne Dorko looking thoughtful with a pen and paper.

How to Produce Quality Blog Content: For Busy People Who Need to Publish Material Anyways

Who runs this site?

Hi, my name is Anne Dorko. I’ve been building websites for 10 years.

Being able to build and run websites has changed my life and opened up doors for me no matter where I go. I built Dialect Pro to teach you what I know, to help you achieve your goals with the power of the web the way I have.

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