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Hi, my name is Anne Dorko and I’m the mastermind (er, invested learner) behind Dialect Pro.

Anne Dorko holding a travel guitar during her bicycle tour.

Communication takes many different forms! My personal favorites are blogging, photography, and songwriting.

It all started when I became a web designer and blogger in 2007.

Over the years, human language and its technology counterparts came to fascinate me. Call it modern communication, if you will. After creating the Dictionary Plugin, my understanding of how it all ties together completely shifted.

Bloggers are great writers, but we are slow to accept how technology interacts with our work. There’s a bridge we’ve refused to connect between the two. Did you ever wonder – how does a machine recognize what people mean when they speak or write?

Put simply:

  • Machines find and decipher our content.
  • They then, in turn, send us web traffic and referrals.
  • We can provide them better data.
  • They can send us more relevant traffic as a result.

Think of it like ultra-nerdy SEO. It’s putting your content on a rocket jet to discover new planets instead of sending it off to see the world in a 1995 beater with a guitar in hopes that it finds itself.

Creating data for machines out of content for people is called the Semantic Web. Her search engine sister is Technical SEO.

My mission is to get you excited about communication as it relates to blogging and the internet. We’ve come a long way, and the future holds even crazier possibilities if we get on board and learn how to participate.

Oh – and I will arm you with the blogging tools you need to join in on the fun. There’s a brand new universe opening up as humans work with machines so their algorithms can deduce, infer, and draw conclusions to provide smart results. It is truly fascinating. There’s no need to be a developer, just promise me you’ll stay curious.

You put a lot of effort into writing amazing content. Let’s make it really count out here in the world wide web of technology.

I can’t wait to get started!

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Anne has been a web developer for over 9 years, and is the author of Catching Up to the Internet, a 5-star rated book for business owners to understand how their businesses can succeed online.

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What’s to read about? Never fear, Semantics isn’t a straight-up tech blog.

Sure, there will be a few tutorials here and there, but Semantics is a healthy mix of stories, education, and insights about anything that relates back to humans and how we communicate. Because as professional bloggers, communication is our entire life.