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Running a Website Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Learn how to turn your website and online presence into a manageable task. It all starts with a free introductory session.

Whether you run your website on WordPress, Wix, or Weebly—the fundamentals of managing an online presence are the same. But when you’re new to it, everything feels too overwhelming. The trick is in breaking it down into bite-sized pieces that make sense for your situation.

Web Independence is a coaching program to help you move from dazed and confused to self-sufficient and web savvy. Each lesson is packed with valuable information about using the internet to your advantage. If you have (or want) a website, but aren’t sure where to start or how to effectively use it for your personal or professional goals, this is especially for you.

If any of the following sound familiar, consider snagging a free orientation while they’re still available for booking:

  • You do have a website… but it feels like it’s just wasting space right now. You know it could be so much more.
  • You do have a website… but you feel like it will explode if you try to edit it. You need a few technical pointers (and confidence boosters).
  • You do have a website… but you want to use it as a marketing tool. You’d like advice on web-friendly content, marketing, optimization, and more.
  • You don’t have website… but want one for your business. You’re afraid of wasting resources on a useless website.

What questions do you have about your website?

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Web Independence Is Equal Parts Savvy and Preparation

Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll experience a transformation of confidence in the way you use the internet. Running a website well reacquaints you with your business’ needs, helps you create strong marketing messages, and makes it clear how to prioritize your top business goals.

This package includes:

  • 10 online lessons with your coach
  • Audio recordings of each session
  • Your progress will be tracked and encouraged
  • A personal plan for continued learning

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What Will You Learn?

This 12 week course covers all the essentials and tools that will enable you to go out and grow as the internet does. Here is what the process looks like:

  1. Discovering your needs: During this time we will outline your target audience and how you will measure what success looks like for you.
  2. Creating stellar content: Identifying what content you need, as well as how to create and organize it. You’ll create the content, and I’ll help you refine it.
  3. Designing with purpose: I’ll work with you hand-in-hand to evaluate what works best for your budget, needs, and willingness to try things on your own. By the end of this time, you’ll set your branding, color, and typography schemes.
  4. Optimizing for performance: Your site needs to do well in action, and also in search engines. I’ll teach you to prepare for both.
  5. Creating a game plan: Once these pillars in place, you’ll want to reevaluate your goals and new skills. We’ll create a game plan for you and you’d can choose whether to continue with additional training, consulting, or follow up coaching.

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