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Dictionary Pro

Creating a dictionary for your WordPress website has never been easier… or more fun! A dictionary is phenomenal for SEO, and invaluable for your readers. Learn more below.

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  • Automatic front-end linking
  • Support for Simple Tooltips
  • Add entries while blogging
  • Easy settings
  • Intuitive sorting and display
  • Built-in dictionary styles
  • Field customization
  • Translation friendly

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Dictionary Pro is included with Dialect Pro membership.

Dictionary Pro is the easiest-to-use dictionary plugin for WordPress.

Whether you're building a dictionary, encyclopedia, or glossary, Dictionary Pro makes it simple and intuitive to manage a custom dictionary with your WordPress site.

Complete control over your dictionary.

Create entries with audio, visuals, and create relationships between your dictionary entries and the content throughout the rest of your site. 

Most features are controlled by a simple checkbox or drag-and-drop interface. 

A screenshot of the dictionary plugin appearance settings
Screenshot showing how to create custom fields for Dictionary Pro

Customize your dictionary's data.

Whether you need to translate labels, or create entirely new fields, Dictionary Pro has you covered.

Incredibly easy to use and set up.

Dictionary Pro has been developed using WordPress standards. If you are comfortable managing posts and pages in WordPress, creating dictionary entries will be a cinch.

Here's the process for adding a new entry. Look familiar?

Screenshot of adding a new WordPress dictionary entry

Add entries while you blog.

You can also add new dictionary entries as you blog. Never interrupt your blogging flow again.

Screenshot of the interface for adding new dictionary entries

A fully-featured WordPress dictionary plugin.

Create Entries While Writing Posts

Create dictionary entries while you blog with the push of a button for words or phrases you're already explaining in the post.

Enable Default Styles

You asked for built-in styles, and now they’re here! Simply check a box and your dictionary entries will shape up all on their own.

Customize Your Entries

Add custom info or even create relationships between any post type and your entries. It’ll automatically track those relationships as you publish new content.

Simple Tooltips

Did somebody say tooltips? Instead of trying to reinvent a wheel that already works really well, Dictionary Pro now integrates seamlessly with Simple Tooltips.

Dictionary Search

Is your site primarily used as a dictionary? All you have to do is check a box, and all your search boxes will default to searching entries only.

Dictionary Archives

A highly featured request, you can now restrict archives to show title entries only. In fact, you can choose whether to paginate your archives or not.

Automatic Linking

Your dictionary entries will automatically link to themselves within your entries. Only if you want them to, of course. They’ve been optimized for faster performance in 3.0

Customized Display

Not only can you decide what information your entries have, but you can also control which order they show up in with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Custom Permalinks

Working in another language? Or just want to use a word besides <em>dictionary</em>? No problem. Set a custom dictionary permalink.


Dictionary Pro stands the test of time as the original dictionary plugin for WordPress. Every piece of code is carefully crafted to ensure the care you put into building your dictionary is matched by the software running it.

Money back guarantee.

If we are unable to resolve your problem within 30 days of purchase and you will no longer be using the plugin, you will be refunded in full. In other words, this plugin is 100% money-back guaranteed.

Dictionary Pro is included in your membership.

Dialect Pro memberships start at $29.99 and each one includes a license for Dictionary Pro.

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