How to Plan Your Website When You Don’t Even Have a Website Yet

You want to create a new website for your business, or a project gone official. The website doesn’t exist yet, but you know you’re going to build one. Let’s say I offered to give you a consultation about building that website. Your reaction might be, “But I don’t even have a website to consult about yet…”… — click to learn more.

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Content Organization Made Simple With Mr. Potato Head

Anne Dorko smiling while holding a drawing of Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head sat alone, dismantled on the living room floor. I refused to pick him up, no matter how many timeouts I received. As it goes, my messy and stubborn disposition dates well back into childhood. All it took was a simple request for organization to turn me into a pouty mess. Enjoying our… — click to learn more.

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What the Hell is SEO, in Plain Simple English for Normal People

You’ve got a hobby, and so far you’ve been treating it as a passion project. But lately you decided to go more professional. Build a website, attract clients with a blog, impress future customers. Whatever your exact goal is, I know where you’re coming from – I’ve been there. I’m here to teach you the… — click to learn more.

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