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Hey, everybody! A few notes about the terms, conditions, disclaimers of using this site.

I know! Legal babble isn't fun, I've tried to make this super readable. Give it a go.

I know! Legal babble isn’t fun, I’ve tried to make this super readable. Give it a go.

I run this site because I am passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. When it comes down to it, being able to build and manage an effective website can play a huge role in how successful you are when you have no funding.

My goal with Dialect Pro is to help people learn how to do just that without spending years becoming developers, designers, or online marketing experts. That said, with every good thing comes the fine print. Here is the fine print for Dialect Pro.

Who is Dialect Pro

Dialect Pro (and its blog, Semantics) is a website that I run, own, and operate. Oh, I’m Anne Dorko. I have a few assistants who help me run the project, but the vision and original content comes from me.

If you have any questions, you can email

Quality of Content

My goal is to help you do more with your vision, but I cannot guarantee anything, ever. Life is too crazy for promises of riches and success. That said, here is what my content will always be:

  • Accurate to the best of my knowledge.
  • The “best of my knowledge” comes from 9+ years of active study, research, and participation in the field.
  • Things I believe in, to the depths of my heart.

Promotion and Advertising

Part of what allows me to offer in-depth, free content at Dialect Pro is the business side of things. That includes some degree of:

  • Shameless (but tasteful) promotion of my own products and services.
  • Affiliate links to offers I stand behind, either because I use them personally or I firmly believe it is a reputable company, service, or product via industry peers.

Your Privacy

Generally speaking, I will never sell your personal information anywhere. I have safeguards in place to protect any registered members of the site. Here’s what else you should know:

  • This site runs on WordPress, which collects basic information about your browser and stores cookies to give you a better experience, like most every other site you visit on the internet.
  • I require customers to have an account to manage downloads. This includes storing your location so I can appropriately do my taxes.
  • I accept payment for digital goods using PayPal, this way I do not store your credit card information myself.
  • I run an affiliate program to pay out users who help me sell my products. This program also runs on the power of PayPal. The software I use is WordPress Affiliate Manager.
  • My email list runs with ConvertKit, where your email should only ever be listed if you have opted in to the newsletter or purchased a product (where you will be stored as a customer so that I can send you updates about your product). You can always unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of every single email that is sent through ConvertKit.

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